Don't Send Your Customers Work!

They won't love you for doing that..      

Send them Some Humor..

I recently posed you this question? 

Does your customer view you just as a business contact? 

Probably, unless you are helping him be very successful and also connecting on some emotional level. Your customers get a lot of emails and they probably look much the same, full of text, very dry and a often a labor to read and understand. Don't send them more work to do!

Be different, try this:

- Include a Hi-Res image. 

- Get straight to the point of the message. 

- Include a timely call to action. 

- Share a little humor. 

 Keep the humor to something about yourself, No-one could get upset about that.

If you put some thought into it and craft it well it, you may lighten the readers' day and find in the future they open your entertaining messages ahead of any others. That is exactly what you want to happen. Give it a try, send one today!

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Get started with these Sample Messages

You may have heard of "Writer's Block"

If the people that make their professional living by putting words on paper go through this every now and then, wouldn't it be great if they could just click and the right words would appear.

This is just what we have done for you.

If you are an Axentuate user, simply click the highlighted links below and some sample messages will be added directly into your account.

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Message 1  -   Coffee Meeting Invite

Coffee and Conversation?


Message 2   -  Re Connect

Phone or email?


Message 3  -  Thank You to a friend

Thanks for You


Message 4  -  Happy Birthday Message to a Friend

It's Your Birthday



We hope you enjoy these samples,

Let us know of additional ones you may like to use.

The Axentuate Team




First, you must dodge the dreaded spam filters built in to your recipients' firewalls and email programs.

Ever vigilant, spam filters scan each email subject line and compare it to a database of characters, phrases, and words (even combinations of words) on their spammer tag and trash list. If your subject line breaks a spam filter rule, your email is toast.

Check out Hubspot's ultimate list of spam trigger words and phrases. Most of the listed terms are obvious, but you wouldn’t use those anyway, right? Some terms on the list, however, are less obvious...


Besides using no-no words and phrases, there are other infractions that can get your email sliced and diced by spam filters:

  • Repetitive characters: $$, !!!, …, ???, www
  • Words in all caps: NICE TO MEET YOU
  • Capitalized abbreviations and acronyms: LOL, RSVP, OMG, SPCA, BBB, ESPN
  • Sending the same subject line to a recipient over and over again
  • Anything price related: $199, half off, buy one get one free
  • Anything product spec related: Samsung LCD Monitor 42", iPad 3 64GB
  • Typos, spelling errors, and incorrect grammar


This is a Guest Contribution from Andy Horner CEO of Ace of Sales.

To contact Andy: email

Business Networking - Ready or Not?

The Complicated Course of Collision to Confidant

Which is preferred?  A 20-Minute Customer or a 20 Year Business Friend?

How do you effectvely manage a simple collision, and here I mean new a business interaction

"A Collision" where two people come together. It could be a casual meeting in an elevator, a discussion at a networking event or a referral from a loyal customer that could lead to a long-standing business relationship or friendship.  That choice is up to the salesperson, namely YOU.

Growing up in a small business my parents always believed in fair value, fair pricing excellent service and the importance or repeat business . They would focus as they told me "not on a fast shilling but a slow pound."  And it worked.

Some salespeople struggle with this concept, they like the repeat customers ,but they also want the sales immediately, thinking short-term end of the month, end of quarter.

Note: Don't Miss the Supporting Content Relating  to This Article at The Bottom of This Page 

The evolution of business relationship could take the following steps.

The power of C's.

  • The Collision
  • The Call
  • The Conversation
  • The Chance
  • The Conclusion
  • The Callback
  • The Contract

The Collision

I've heard it said that the first sale to be made is the salesperson.  This I agree with.

That first sale could be made in as little as a fraction of a second, if you look interesting or threatening to the observer could determine whether a collision even occurs. Now that you're in the game, the second part of the coalition is what comes of your mouth. Sound intelligent or sound interesting to the listener and you still in the game. Sound valuable and you could be through to what may be the bonus round.  A meeting.

The Call

This first follow on this critical you may have exchange cards when you make this call all you want to focus on is the meeting that may be a little bit of reintroduction do not let this degrade into a conversation about your product or service.  Be patient avoid and the temptation, the time will coMe.  Firstly, get the meeting.


An email: Just For Communication? Or A Missed Opportunity to WOW?

We have all seen funny video clips of people using their smartphones checking messages whilst walking into lamp posts or street signs and the common posture today seems to be head down, hands together “I must read that email or text”!

I got an email from an ‘old’ colleague now living in UK that was dealing with this exact topic, how to get more out of marketing dollars spent?

After reading the recent article he sent me from UK’S Winning Edge, ‘Sales Must Make a Mark’  I shared it with several people (using my laptop not my smartphone!) asking the questions “any comments, any ideas?”

I got a few ideas back.