Don't Send Your Customers Work!

They won't love you for doing that..      

Send them Some Humor..

I recently posed you this question? 

Does your customer view you just as a business contact? 

Probably, unless you are helping him be very successful and also connecting on some emotional level. Your customers get a lot of emails and they probably look much the same, full of text, very dry and a often a labor to read and understand. Don't send them more work to do!

Be different, try this:

- Include a Hi-Res image. 

- Get straight to the point of the message. 

- Include a timely call to action. 

- Share a little humor. 

 Keep the humor to something about yourself, No-one could get upset about that.

If you put some thought into it and craft it well it, you may lighten the readers' day and find in the future they open your entertaining messages ahead of any others. That is exactly what you want to happen. Give it a try, send one today!

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