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Axentuate was created to illustrate how you can build a brand and achieve consistency of messaging


Our Team At Axentuate

Our team is made up of some experienced (and somewhat quirky) individuals from around the world, all sharing the same goal: help you accelerate your relationships and grow your sales.


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Malcolm Evans has been in sales since he could walk. He is described as a passionate Salesmans’ Salesman, an advocate for businesses and customers alike. He grew up in a living in a pub in rural Wales surrounded by green fields and sheep.

“I have been dealing with customers since I could reach high enough to pour a pint of beer.” 

Originally in engineering he transitioned to a sales life in the 80s. Pagers, fax machines, CRM and 5 pound mobile phones are some of the changes he has seen. His experience covers marketing, advertising and sales management. No stranger to the global market, Malcolm came to USA in 2001 while employed by one of the largest engineering companies to focus on the challenges of global selling and international business development. 

“I look at what can be done and try to do it. The fun and thrill of being in the sales world never leave me. I get a warm feeling each time I see that I have been able to help a customer or a fellow salesperson be successful.” 

Malcolm is a business owner, sales trainer, aspiring writer and speaker. He is a Jeffrey Gitomer Certified Advisor and holds his own interesting perspectives on sales, customer relations and the entrepreneurial spirit. He is an eternal optimist, motivated by the “American Dream” where anything can be achieved. 

Personal Life

Malcolm is married to his high school sweetheart, they are based in Atlanta and have 3 grown sons and a young daughter (the daughter is really Tess the family dog)

SCOTT DAY - Orlando FL

Scott Day is a results driven sales professional who helps companies and individuals achieve greater success by implementing techniques and technology that dramatically improve their communications with their customer / client base.   
Scott has a successful background in sales and sales management, with experience and perspectives from both the corporate industrial sales world as an employee as well as direct sales through network marketing as a business owner.  He has worked for and with Fortune 100 firms as well as with smaller entrepreneurial businesses.  

Scott has proven experience in developing, managing and coaching of high performance sales teams that included direct sales engineers, sales representatives and channel partners.  He is well versed in sales program planning & execution, including account acquisition & competitive analysis. 

He helped develop a strategic account program for one of his former employers which helped appropriately align resources to assist these critical accounts to grow their own businesses which in turn grew their revenue with his employer. He has taught and implemented various sales methodologies, including Miller Heiman and Solutions Selling.

With his network marketing company, Daydream Enterprises, he built a network of over 100 committed independent business owners whom he developed and coached to grow their businesses.

Scott’s passion is helping others succeed in sales and he does this by employing excellent communication, team building and coaching skills, all of which enables him to stimulate and motivate strong performance in others. 

Personal Life

Scott lives in Orlando with his wife of 30+ years. He has two grown sons whom are both happily married. His oldest son and his wife are both MDs and his other son is in the process of applying to Medical Schools.  The entire family is anxiously awaiting the arrival of a granddaughter who will appear on the scene sometime in May of 2015.   

NANCY GOLYA - Baltimore MD

Nancy Golya is referred to as the Direct Sales Business Accelerator. She is an Accredited Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation. Combining her knowledge and experience in direct sales with her professional coaching skills, she is able to support her clients in all aspects of their business from the business basics of direct selling and team building to working with direct sales corporations in field development and training. Her proven track record exemplifies her expertise in supporting direct sellers at all levels.

She has logged hundreds of hours as a Direct Sales Business/Success Coach and has an extensive knowledge of a multitude of direct sales companies. She also has had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of direct sales companies and their sales field.

Nancy’s passion is working with field representatives. Her style is direct and honest. She loves the challenge of direct sales and uses her solution focused coaching to be an unending resource to all who work with her. Corporations have hired her to train and work with their sales fields. Her areas of expertise are consultant and new consultant training, group/team coaching, lead conversion and mentoring leaders.

Personal Life

Nancy lives in a suburb of Baltimore, Maryland. She is married and the mother of 3 children. She understands the importance of balance between work and family. She loves to play tennis and is a foodie at heart.


MARK CHUNG - United Kingdom

Mark Chung worked for many years (too many to remember!) for large corporate organizations and finally decided to set up his own marketing services business. 

“Why didn’t I do this years ago!!” is now his favorite slogan!

Having your own business gives you more flexibility and empowerment to give customers what they need…great service that helps them meet their goals and don’t forget…people who trust and like you, come back for more!

His previous career path has taken Mark from his initial role as a field service engineer, through to project engineering and engineering management and then sales. He has spent the past 25 years in global sales and marketing roles building up extensive experience helping to deliver long lasting business relationships – people do business with people they like and trust.


Mark’s contemporary entrepreneurial approach, along with his ‘big picture’ vision, ability to read situations and react accordingly to market & customer requirements, helps keep his customer’s happy & successful..



Mark lives in the North of England with his wife of 20 years and two cats! 

His passion for nature has resulted in Mark volunteering in several local community projects that help people get the most out of the local environment.


Monika is a business and internet lawyer from Atlanta, Georgia. She is the owner of the Scott Law Firm, which she founded in 2014 in order to combine her passions for law and entrepreneurship.  Before hanging her own shingle, Monika worked for several years in two large corporate law firms.  Monika has represented businesses of all sizes – from Fortune 50 companies to startups.  Being a natural advocate and problem solver, she enjoys helping businesses grow, protect their most valuable assets and achieve the American Dream. 

Monika is first-generation American; her parents immigrated from India in the 1970’s because they truly believed that America was the land of opportunity. They instilled the value of entrepreneurship in her at a very early age.  When Monika began her own law firm, she quickly realized that she needed to communicate with potential clients and referral sources in a way that was engaging. impactful and memorable.  She started using Axentuate in her law practice and loved it so much that she knew she had to share it with others!


Monika lives in Buford, Georgia with her husband, Patrick, and their young son.  She is a fan of her Jeep Wrangler, her drum set (she has been playing since the age of 12), juice bars and traveling the world with her family.



Patrick spent the first twenty years of his professional life in the field of manufacturing management.  People describe Patrick as a “born leader” and he discovered early in his career that managing relationships and processes came naturally to him.  He has cultivated a unique ability to "rally the troops” and systematically drive a unified team to a common winning goal.  Patrick believes that people perform at their best when they are inspired and believes in mantra that “anything worth doing is worth doing right.".

Ready to take on a new challenge and find his own inspiration, Patrick decided in 2014 to pursue a more exciting professional lifestyle - one that would better complement his beliefs and interests.  Thinking there is only one real way to do that, Patrick has ventured out to the world of entrepreneurship.  A tech weenie at heart, Patrick now works in the fields of web development and video production and is also starting a new business in the wellness industry.


Originally from Ohio, this turned Georgia boy has spent over 20 years near Atlanta.  He is married and he is his wife are raising their first child.  When he is not training for a marathon, he enjoys being home with his family, working on his cars, and playing guitar.  


NICK HUGHES - Queensland Australia

Nick trained and worked with machine automation before being tapped on the shoulder to move into sales.  “I never thought that sales was for me but now I can’t think of myself doing anything else”. Nick has vast international experience having lived and worked in New Zealand, Australia, and the UK. Nick's had leadership roles in multiple industries from Industrial  Automation through to the rolling out unique fast food convenience offers for global accounts such as McDonald, IKEA and 7-eleven.  Nick has a marketing degree from The Business School of Auckland University and has travelled around the world installing and commissioning equipment.  “My father was a great believer in travel being the best education and I have been fortunate in being able to of travelled extensively through Asia, North America and Europe delivering a unique customer experience. Nick's outgoing and friendly nature have allowed him to form great friendships all around the world.


Originally born and raised in the South Island of New Zealand, He says "Clear, direct and friendly communication is a Kiwi thing, it has always been the glue in maintaining my business friendships. That's why I know we can help others with what we are doing with Outstand / Accentuate."


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Our team is continuing to Grow!

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